grand superintendent William Bain (1).png (thumbnail)                                             depute Grand Superintendent Alexander Brown.png (thumbnail)

    Grand superintendent                                             Depute Grand Superintendent

         William A Bain                                                           Alexander P Brown  

 Grand H David Jackson.png (thumbnail)                                             grand j George Stephenson.png (thumbnail)

        Provincial Grand H                                                       Prvincial Grand J

          David Jackson                                                           George Stephenson

scribe e William McBroom.png (thumbnail)                                               scribe n Ronald Crichton.png (thumbnail)

   Provincial Grand Scribe E                                               Provincial Grand Scribe N
      William T McBroom                                                           Ronald Crichton
PG RAC Charity 2017.JPG
Provincial Charities Donations for 2017
bowling comp 2017 winners.JPG
Winners of the Provincial Bowling tournement 2017
bowling comp 2017 2nd place.JPG
Runners up of the Provinsial Bowling tournement 2017